Our Student Ministries Staff bring decades of experience to the children and youth department of the River of Life. As passionate servants of Christ, they desire to kindle the flame of God’s love in the hearts of every child that passes through the door.
Safety Protocols
We care about the health and well-being of each student entrusted to our care and make every effort to provide a safe and healthy environment for the children.
Our staff have attended training sessions and studied in detail all Indiana state guidelines and protocol related to childcare. We offer periodic training sessions and seminars so that our staff and volunteers stay current on issues related to children’s ministry.
All adults interested in serving in the Student Ministries Department, are required to pass a background check done by the Indiana State Police prior to having any contact with the students. In addition, they must be church members in good standing.
We assign at least two staff members or parent volunteers to every class, and we utilize a check-in/check-out procedure that ensures that children are only allowed to leave with the adult family member who checked them in.
Children showing signs of sickness or contagion are asked not to come to class. If a child begins to exhibit symptoms during class, an usher is sent to notify the parents to come and assess the condition of the child. If it is determined that the child is indeed sick, he or she is sent to sit with parents in the main auditorium so as not to expose other children in the classroom.