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Get involved in the

“Discovering Your Personal Purpose” course written by Dr. Janet Cook.

Begins January 20 through March 10.

Cost $75 to audit. With SOM Credits $160

“The plan of God for your life is….the plan of God for your life; anything else is second best.  Everyone has a God given purpose in life.  It is not measured by your bank account or people’s opinions.  Your purpose is your God given course in life with all of its challenges, with all of its hopes, with all of its accomplishments and with all of its dreams.”



The purpose of this study is to encourage and inspire you to be all that God created you to be.  What a tragedy it would be if you lived your entire life and never knew why you lived!  This workbook has been developed because of my own personal struggle of discovering my God given purpose for living.
“Discovering Your Personal Purpose” is designed to help you identify your purpose in life. This journey requires a lifelong relationship with God our Creator. God made plans for your life and placed His eternal purpose in your heart before He formed you in your mother’s womb. You must go to Him to find out all that you were meant to be. You can rest knowing that God is the master builder, and He has not forgotten one detail of your life.

With a prayerful attitude, take your time going through each lesson.  Write down what the Lord is speaking to you. Remember He is the “Master Builder” and He sees the total picture of your life.  

My prayer is that you will accept and agree with God’s plan for your life and commit yourself entirely to Him.  God Bless you on your journey to “Discovering Your Personal Purpose”.

Study Conducted by:

Pastor Janet K. Cook, Ph.D.

Certified Behavioral Consultant